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approaching 'viking'

looking down on 'viking'

from balcony
entering viking
looking from the bar
from stairs
towards the fireplace
down the balcony
back home

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ground floor scene


mezzanine floor scene
outside scene

viking restaurant and bar

The Viking Restaurant and Bar was inspired by Scandinavian Architecture and Design. All the timber is European beech or ash, the walls are coated in Rockote to give a sandstone-like feel and the floor is covered in large slabs of granite paving, to complete the raw, natural feel of the interior.
I designed the bar as an apres ski destination, situated in Twizel, South Canterbury, New Zealand, but
realistically, it would fit in any ski resort town around the globe.

BEST Award Winner

This design was awarded Joint Winner of the 'Student Interior' category at the 1999
Designers Institute of New Zealand BEST Awards

Look at Viking

To view the design, you can either click on any of the thumbnails to the left to see still images, or any of the thumbnails to the right to see a QuickTime Virtual Reality scene. To navigate through the scenes, you can either use the arrow keys or hold down the left mouse button. To zoom in press 'Shift' and to zoom out press 'Ctrl'. To move forward to another part of the scene, drag the mouse pointer until it turns into an arrow and press the left mouse button.

These scenes are roughly 1 MB in size so they may take a minute to download - but it's worth the wait. Both the still images and the QTVRs were modelled using ArchiCAD 6.0 and rendered in Art*Lantis 3.5

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