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looking from the entertainment space

heading towards the bed

from studio
looking from the dining area
looking from the bed
looking into bathing space
towards the dining and bathing areas
entering the apartment
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bedford row scene



bedford row apartment

The Bedford Row apartment was designed to fit into an existing warehouse in Christchurch, New Zealand. The client was an artist and art collector from New York, who was interested in developing the entire building, but first he needed a penthouse apartment to live in.

I have designed the apartment to have an open-plan style of living. The bathing space, which is the only room separated by walls and a door, is basically a separate entity within the greater apartment, and divides the rest of the apartment into three main spaces:
The living space - containing the kitchen, dining area, conversation area and entertainment area
The sleeping space - the roof of the bathing space. It is accessed by stairs and overlooks the whole apartment
The work space - a studio for the client.

look at bedford row

To view the design, you can either click on any of the thumbnails to the left to see still images, or any of the thumbnails to the right to see a QuickTime Virtual Reality scene. To navigate through the scenes, you can either use the arrow keys or hold down the left mouse button. To zoom in press 'Shift' and to zoom out press 'Ctrl'. To move forward to another part of the scene, drag the mouse pointer until it turns into an arrow and press the left mouse button.

These scenes are roughly 1 MB in size so they may take several minutes to download - but it's worth the wait. Both the still images and the QTVRs were modelled using ArchiCAD 6.0 and rendered in Art*Lantis 3.5

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